With a full and grateful heart, I say farewell.

Since 2003, LITM has been a neighborhood destination for individuals to connect and build community. For many, it became their home away from home. I have been fortunate to know most of you and to see so many of your stories unfold. After seventeen years, the LITM story has come to an end.

We created many grand memories over the years but as much as I cherish those, so do I cherish our simple everyday conversations that sealed our friendship. One such conversation was with a former staff who told me that I was like a big sister to him. He pursued his passion, like I did when opening LITM. I was surrounded by such people following their heart. I suspect this will always be the case, and I believe that the best is yet to come for all of us.

As we wrap up in the next few days, LITM will unfortunately not be open for business. Our final farewell party will not take place at our space due to time constraints. We want our chance at a proper goodbye, and will endeavor to make that a reality. It just won’t happen at 140 Newark Ave.

Artists and service providers: we will be contacting you to make arrangements, and will be available to serve you beyond the closing of our space.

LITM stands for love is the message. Thank you for believing in it from day one.


Jelynne Jardiniano Morse
Founder and owner of LITM

Andrea Morin
General Manager and Curator