Mocha Cocoa: hot chocolate, Bailey’s, coffee liqueur, whipped cream                        9

Cocoa Coconut: hot chocolate, Van Gogh Coconut Vodka, whipped cream            9

Zen Toddy: hot grean tea, Zen Green Tea liqueur                                                            9

Irish Coffee: hot coffee, Jameson Irish whiskey, whipped cream                        10

Biscotti Coffee: hot coffee, Faretti Buscotti liqueur, whipped cream                        10

Sailor’s Cider: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and Hot Apple Cider                                    9

Pomegranate Cider: Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka and Hot Apple Cider            10

Northern Comfort: Whiskey, Maple Syrup and Hot Apple Cider                        10

Campfire Cocoa: Vanilla Vodka, Hot Chocolate, Toasted Marshmallow                        9