Curator: Andrea Morin


Jan- Panda Suwann “Invitro Colors”
Feb- “Toy People” Group Exhibition
Mar- “The Opposite of Hate” Group Exhibition
Apr- “Retrofuturism” Group Exhibition
May- “Mothers May” Group Exhibition
June -“High Impact” Group Exhibition
July- Alicia Ruth presents “American Laundry”, featuring collaborative works with artists Yvonne Vairma & Vera Vixeness
Aug- Kayt Hester
Sep- Dave Dziemian
Oct- Through the Looking Glass
Nov- Americana
Dec- Little Wonders 10


Jan- Rochelle Fox  “Sanctuary”
Feb- “Shifting Realities” Liz Defrain, Jade Kuei, Gail Boykewich, Lau Gallico & Andrea Morin
Mar- Group Exhibition “Fluidity”
Apr – Megan Gulick, “Floral Fixation”
May- Andrea McKenna, “Blood Work”
June- Group Exhibition, “Revolution”
July- Group Exhibition, “Nocturne”
August – Kayt Hester, “10 Years of Tape”
September – Beth Achenbach, “Thaw”


Jan- John Fathom & John Ruddy “Dancing with the Dragon”
Feb- instagatorzine’s 4th Anniversary Celebration “Massive”
Mar- Sean 9 Lugo “Misconception”
Apr- Comedy Fest featuring Craig Mahoney and other Comedian-Artists
May- “Chimeras” Group Exhibition
June- Gail Marie Boykewich
July- “The Sight of Music” Group Exhibition
Aug- Kayt Hester
Sep- David Dziemian
Oct- Ruler
Nov- Norm Kirby
Dec- “Little Wonders” Annual Small Works Exhibition


Jan – Norm Kirby
Feb – Lovey Dovey (group)
March – Dave Dziemian
April – Delicious Things (group)
May – Teachers
June – Fermin Mendoza
July – Childs Play (group)
August- Bojana Coklyat
Sept- Megan Gulick
Oct- Dia de Los Muertos (group)
Nov- Andreas
Dec – Little Wonders (group)



January: “EMPLOYEES ONLY”,  group show featuring past and present employees of LITM
February: Darin Defield, “Afrocentricity”
March:  Neal Risdal, “Space Between Change”
May: “Exploring Faerie Lands”, group show exploring the unknown
July – Abstract Thoughts
August – Kayt Hester
Sept – Dreams of Flight (group)
Oct – Katherine Ramos
Nov – Autumnal
Dec – Little Wonders (group)


December: “Little Wonders”, 5th annual small works exhibition celebrating the season of gift giving
November: “Rescue Me”, group art exhibition to benefit See Spot Rescued
October: John Fathom, “God Muse Monster”
September: Megan Gulick, “The Year of the Rabid”
August: Kayt Hester, “Caribou”
July: “Where?!”, group art exhibition exploring contemporary takes on portraiture, still life and landscape
June: “What?!”, group art exhibition exploring contemporary takes on portraiture, still life and landscape
May: “Who?!”, group art exhibition exploring contemporary takes on portraiture, still life and landscape
April: Sean Lugo, “Charlie Foxtrot”
March: “In the Eye”, group art exhibition on the subject of beauty
February: “Emerge!”, group art exhibition on the experience of the world coming back alive
January: “Dark Matter: Bright Future?”, group art exhibition inspired by the group No Gas Pipeline who are working to prevent a dangerous gas pipeline from being run through Jersey City to transport gas to NYC


December: “Little Wonders”, 4th annual small works exhibition celebrating the season of gift giving
November: Ken Bastard, “The Sacred & The Mundane”
October: “Superstition”, group art exhibition exploring the cross cultural phenomenon of superstition
September: Bonnie Gloris, “Surface Tension”
August: “Come Out & Play”, group art exhibition celebrating whimsy, laughter, childhood recollections, playfulness, joy, oddities and just plain silliness.
July: Robert Piersanti, “Pop Rocks”
June: Kayt Hester, “The Formula of Summer”
May: “Inside Out”, Paintings by Jessica Weisman & Sculptures by Meghan McKee
April: Mark Finne, “Uther Worldz”
March: Megan Gulick, “Family Circus”
February: Jaden Rogers, “Vendimia Reciclada”
January: Vincent Minervini & Maude Lemaire, mixed media paintings & glass and mirror mosaics


December: “Little Wonders”, 3rd Annual small works exhibition celebrating the season of gift giving
November: Ken Bastard, “The Machine”
October: Ruler
September: Lau Gallico Klohe, “People You May Know”
August: “Cool Blue”, group art exhibition transforming  LITM into a cool blue oasis
July: Peter Bill, “Hanging Around”
June: “Rebirth: New Orleans Moving into the 21st Century”, presented by NOLA Preservation Society & LITM
April: Trevor Perkins, “Romper Room”
March: Megan Gulick, “Down the Rabbit Hole”
February: “A Night Out On The Town”, Sculptures of recycled materials by Peter J. Wasinger and “a la Silhouette”, mixed media paintings by Lynnette Dzikowicz
January: Vincent Minervini, “Teeth Eat”


December: “Little Wonders”, 2nd annual small works group exhibition celebrating the season of gift giving
November: Ken Bastard, “The Organ-Grinder’s Monkey”
October: “Harvest”, group art exhibition by tattoo artists: Ruler, Russell Kelley and Dan Kennedy
September: Hamlet Manzueta, “solo por el amor sera salvo el hombre” [only by love will man be saved]
August: “Hot Times in Chilltown”, group art exhibition by Jersey City artists interpreting Jersey City
July: Kenia Cano, “Cuaderno de los Gansos and Other Prayers” {artist from Mexico City}
June: Lynnette Dzikowicz, “Minx”
May: Megan Gulick, “Crass Menagerie”
April: Michael Fumero
March: Ellen Jaffe Cawthorne, “Love In Bloom”
February: “Radical Faeries”, contemporary portraits by Keith Gemerek and Luc Edouard Georges
January: Ken Bastard, “Ready! Set! Go!”


December: “Little Wonders”, 1st annual group exhibition of small works celebrating the season of gift giving
November: Beth Achenbach, “The Sum of All Parts”
October: Paul Russo
September: Tim Vireo Keating, “Entering Spaces”
August: “Summer Vacation: Long Days, Hot Nights”, group art exhibition
July: Ruler
June: Ken Bastard, “Bastardville”
May: Ronnie Mae Painter
April: Sara Wight, “Beyond the Horizon”
March: John Donovan & Magdiwang Jardiniano, “Global Conversation”
February: Rocksoup Iconic Group Show
January: N.C. Winters, “Fantastika”

Curator: Jelynne Jardiniano


December: Philippe Belhache
November: Philippe Belhache
October: Hypnotizing the Magicians Group Show
September: Amy Chaiklin
August: Mid Summer Dream Group Show
July: Chrissy Glenn
June: Robert Piersanti
May: John Ruddy
April: Lina Jang
March: Joe Gilmore
February: New School Students Group Show
January: Allison Green


December: George Destefano
November: “1000 Words”, photography show curated by Beth Achenbach & Cat Hecht
October: Ruler
September: Karina Kosdan
August: “4 Heads”, group comic art show by Bobby Travieso, Ken Bastard, Paul Andress and Suzi Schorr
July: Ibou Ndoye & Brian Wayne (window installation)
June: L. R. McLean
May: Nyugen Smith & John Fathom
April: Junichiro Ishida
March: Peter Bill
February: Miguel Hernandez
January: Juliette Shimkin


December: “The Elektra Complex”, group art show exploring the feminine body by Valery Sorokin, Kayt Hester & Richard Bednarczyk
November: Lauren Marks
October: Michelle Loughlin
September: John Ruddy
August: Ruler
July: “3 The Hard Way”, group urban art exhibition by Ron J. Nub, Al Padrino and Juan Doe
June: Rebecca Goyette
May: Martin Hardy
April: Junichiro Ishida
March: Tim Vega (first 2 weeks), Photography show (last 2 weeks) by Dorian Alvarez, Dmitry Mandel, Mike McNamara, Mike Romeo and Hazel Smith
February: Andrew Jacob
January: Jesse Wright


December: Paul Jach
October: Jersey City Artist Studio Tour- “9 Artists”, group art exhibition curated by Megan Klim