Every season, we whip up a fresh combination of flavors to match your change in mood.  Come in and savor on one of our crafted cocktails:



Red Riding Hood   8 / Pitcher 22
sweet, but not so innocent! Tree City locally made Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Fall Spice Infusion. highball glass.

Vermonter    10 / Pitcher 28
the comforting flavors of Autumn New England.
Bulleit bourbon, maple syrup, farmers market apple cider. highball glass.

Caramel Apple      8 / Pitcher 22
a sweet treat! Van Gogh Caramel vodka, apple cider. highball glass

Honey-B   10
definitely a buzz worthy cocktail!
Bulleit Bourbon, honey, Angostura Aromatic Bitters. on the rocks.

 Harvest Mule 11
a zesty fall twist on the classic mule.
VDKA 6100, ginger beer, cranberry juice, dash of fall spice infusion. on the rocks in a copper mug